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Welcome to Item Company, 82nd Airborne!
Hello! Welcome to the website of the Arma 3 Community, Item Company, 3rd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne or just simply, Item Company, 82nd Airborne

About Us
We are a WW2 Arma 3 Milsim Community, using the historical structure and organisation of US Airborne during the time period of 1941 - 1945. We take part in multiple historically accurate editor made campaigns, as well as many smaller events managed by our excellent mission making team to assure the highest quality of immersion. Basing ourselves off the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne we take part in campaigns in North Africa, Italy, Normandy and beyond in the WW2 theatre of Europe fighting against the Axis Occupation.

Game play
Game play in our community is limited to First Person Only with Limited HUD Elements. Using Airborne Platoon and Squad Tactics, such as utilising the Army "Half Squad" to utilise the Machine Gun and Rifle Teams to Find, Fix, Flank and Finish the enemy. Although despite the immersion and historical accuracy, we don't rely on a simulated environment for example there will be no "Yes sir" or "No sir" in this community unless you want to, rather everyone has their name and no matter the rank everyone works as a team so formality isn't required. However Personnel are in NCO and Officer positions for a reason so we ask you listen to their orders and work together to complete the task at hand. One of our main focuses is PvP, so training is mostly built around being able to fight actual trained human players, rather than AI but AI missions do make up the majority of Historical campaigns and other missions between the PvPs.

There are many roles to choose from in our community in which your game play will vary drastically depending on what career path you decide to take:
  • MOS 745 - Rifleman - The main body of the community, unless in a specialised role your position whether Enlisted or NCO you will likely be this MOS! Masters of all, the Riflemen are those who will take the front line against the enemy, and with their ferocious speed, accuracy and determination will complete any task given to them. 
  • MOS 604 - Light Machine Gunner - The strong right arm of the community. These gunners hit the enemy hard keeping their heads down to either eliminate them, or keep them Fixed long enough for the Riflemen to Flank and Finish them.
  • MOS 657 - Medical Aidman - The healing left arm of the group, keeping the wounds closed so that the rest of the body can keep on fighting. These selfless men work hard to not only keep the Squad and Platoon alive, but work to uphold the standards of the medical corps and ensure the medical attention of all non-combatants and surrendered POWs.
Other roles will become applicable after acceptance into the community, such as:

  • Non-Commissioned Officer and Other Leadership Roles
  • Other Combat Roles like MOS 776 - Radio Telephone Operator, MOS 607 - Light Mortar Crewman and MOS 1812 - Light Weapons NCO.
We are well connected in the Arma 3 WW2 Community. With our close friends at the Red Devils Arma 3 Community, they invite us along to their PvPs and historical events where possible, and organise joint COOPs not only with them, but other communities that have been based long into the WW2 scene way before we showed up. With them and many other units creating the majority of PvPs we have many exciting and exotic events to attend and many units for us to represent when we are not playing the 82nd AB. For example we are no newbie when coming to play as Germans or any other fighting powers in WW2. Expect when you play with us to have variety in game play, communities to do missions with, and historical campaigns to expand the mind in historical knowledge you may not have known before.

If this information about us, about how we play and what we do with many other groups around the WW2 community interests you, then apply now via our website here:

It will take you directly to our rules and requirements. After you accept them and complete the following application form, a recruiter will attempt to get in contact to begin interview process. If the recruiter accepts, you'll find yourself on track to become a welcomed 82nd Member. Training will consist of a Basic Combat Training and Evaluation which will promote you from Recruit to Private, and the following Specialised Training and Airborne Jump School will let you become eligible for further promotion.

Contact Us
You can reach us over our many communications platforms.
Our Website Forums:
Our TeamSpeak 3:
Or Our Discord:

We can't wait for you to begin your journey with us, as we hope it will be long and full of many adventures!

All The Way!
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